On the nature of study


The Degree of the Neophyte

The Neophyte shall be robed in black to signify one who dwells in darkness but seeks the light. Their study will be that of observer. If they prove worthy, and are in harmony with others of the coven, they may seek to become one of the Hidden Children.

The First Degree

Those who are properly prepared in body, in mind, and in spirit may seek entry into the Mysteries of the Great Mother and Her Consort, and give their Heart unto them. They will learn the ways of the Wytch and Priest/Priestess: the pattern of the Temple and the Rites and rituals of the changing tides. And they demonstrate full knowledge and use of the power that is the gift of the Gods, and have confronted their hearts desire, they shall be properly prepared to receive the true power of the Wytch.

The Second Degree

The newly made High Priest or Priestess shall embrace that which was given to them, and shall descend unto the deeper Mysteries. And attaining such, they shall learn and practice the ways of the Art Magickal: its Rites, Spells, Charms and Curses. And showing they balance all things equally they may seek the Greatest Mystery of all, which is the Great Rite. So mote it be.

The Third Degree

And attaining this Greater Mystery the Magus shall strive to the opening of their Great Work...

So mote it be!

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