Fine arts and crafts from the gateway to the Cottswolds

‘Wellhead Designs” is the outlet for our arts and creative crafts.

Both Geoffrey and David have knitted and crocheted since our teens; Geoff has also studied fashion and dressmaking, and David has studied Fine Art and fashion design. Our particular passion is yarn crafts and crochet, focused on creating heirloom shawls, meditation wraps, Goddess stoles and beautiful scarves for that special occasion - be it Handfastings, Namings, Ritual-wear or Moon-shawls - worked in the finest alpaca, merino and silk yarns, and often accessorised with glass or semi-precious beads. 

Each of our shawls is designed and crafted with exquisite care and love, and can take many weeks to complete (the finest cobweb lace shawls, anything up to six months), but we hope that each one will be welcomed as a hug-in-yarn, crafted especially for you.

The two galleries below show a snapshot of some of the projects we’ve worked on over the years, including the many commisions and gifts we’ve done for family and friends. 

If you are interested in any of our items you see - or wish to commision something personal for yourself - then please contact us using the form to your right


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