"Oh Isis veiled - the many who is "She" -
Lead us to the well of memory:
The wellhead where the pale white cypress grows,
by secret twilight paths that no man knows...
Diana of the ways and Hecate
Selene of the moon and Persephone..."

From The Persephone ritual - adapted from the text of Dion Fortune's "Sea Priestess" and "Moon Magic"

Welcome, traveler - please, stop a while...

Here - sit beneath the shade of these Cypress trees; rest from your journey across the winding, twisting roads... 

Take a moment to listen to the wind in the branches, to hear the lark high in the sapphire-sky above you; dip the old wooden bowl into the still, clear waters of the well on whose ancient stone-sides you now sit - feel the rough wood against your lips as the cool water fills your senses and quenches your thirst. 

Drink deep, traveler; and be refreshed...

A statement of intent:

Through this site we hope to provide information on various aspects of the Craft - with a particular emphasis on the issues (sic.) of Tradition, Mystery, Polarity and Gender, written from our unique perspective as a gay couple who run a coven and work within the Alexandrian Wiccan Tradition.

What you will not find in such a public forum are spells, hexes, rituals or magickal techniques - if that is what you seek then there are plenty of sites, books and Influencers who will promise to provide you with magickal "quick-fixes" to your problems or try to monetise on your Spiritual Search. What we feel is lacking in many of these is any real understanding of the truely transformational experience of the Mystery and Tradition of the Initiatory Craft - or the beauty and depth of the Religion and the Alchemy that it works on the Soul. To us, that understanding comes from being rooted in the history and teachings of a Tradition that is passed from Teacher to Initiate - and it is that missing element which we humbly wish to begin to attempt to fill here...

Navigation through the site is provided via the black "star" tabs at the top of the screen - or the section links to the right. The Site map will also provide a list of all the Sections and their related content, just in case you get lost...


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