Moots, groups and events

In this section we provide details and links to the individuals and organisations that work to provide networking and social events for pagans within Gloucestershire and it's surrounding area.

(If you run any pagan moots or events that you would like inlcuded in this list, please contact us with details - and do make sure to pass on your information to Phil and Marie, our new Pagan Federation Regional Co-ordinators, at:

An extensive list of Moots can also be found at

Bristol Moot

The King William, 
King Street,

Every Tuesday, 8pm


Cheltenham Pagan Moot

The Midland Hotel
1st Tuesday of the every month, 8pm - 10pm

The moot is primarily a social meet-and-greet, designed as an opportunity for local pagans to meet and get to know each other - although Elders of the different Traditions present often give a short (15-30 minute) talk on prearranged topics. There is normally also a small raffle - with fabulousprizes! (and to cover the costs of advertising, organising etc...)

Although the moot is not officially affiliated with any specific organisation, attendees are also members of both the Pagan Federationand the Children of Artemis- and will usually pass on information and news during the evening. Further details of the moot are advertised in both the PF's "Pagan Dawn" Journal, and the CoA's "Witchcraft and Wicca" magazine - together with local newsletters such as "Connections" - or contact Anj direct on: 07794 932210.

Frampton Moot

Three Horseshoes
3rd Tuesday of the month, 8.30pm

Pagan Moot. All welcome. Contact Jan:

Gloucester Moot

Downstairs function room at the Fountain Inn

Westgate  Street,
Last Thursday of month 8.00pm 

Contact Phil and Marie:

The Cotswold Pagan Society

For several years we were active members (co-founders and web-hosters) of the Cotswold Pagan Society - a cross-Tradition group that worked to provide simple, yet meaningful pan-pagan celebrations of the Wheel of the Year. Founder members came from the various Wiccan and Druid Traditions, and included both ourselves, Veronica Hammond (Arch Druid of the Cotswold Order of Druids), Keith Posner, Marion, Anj, Ann and John. The group was a great success and together we produced and co-led rituals for each Sabbat at the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, Clearwell caves in the Forest of Dean and Stonehenge.

We are no longer active members, but the Society still leads Sabbat Celebrations through-out the year; Details of their events can be found on the Society's Facebook page.

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