Wicca 101

A guide to the basics of Paganism and Wicca

This section attempts to set out our own take and understanding of the basic concepts and philosophies of Paganism in general and Wicca in particular. The views we express in the next few pages are those that we have developed over a lifetime of Spiritual exploration, and several decades of study in the Craft and Occultism.

Where we speak of Paganism we try to express the simplest of all religions, and that which is most rooted in who and what we are as embodied mortals - a religious view that is rooted in mankind's first experiences and understandings, and one in which immanence is the guiding principle: that the Gods are with us, embodied in the world and not separated from it as Creator and object.

When we speak of the Craft or of Wicca, we refer to the current manifestation of a long Mystery Tradition and Religious system. Parts of what we say may be expressive of all of the various Wiccan traditions, but much will be particular to our own interpretation of the knowledge and training that we have received as Initiates in the Alexandrian Tradition, one of the British Traditional Witchcraft traditions.


For more information regarding the Alexandrian Tradition, there is also a copy of the Introductory talk on the Alexandrian Tradition that we gave at a recent Moot. We have also written a short essay on Finding a Coven - giving advice for those specifically interested in seeking training within BTW.

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