The Magic of transformation

The 8 Sabbats celebrate the God and Goddess as manifested in the seasonal year, but witchcraft also makes use of the 13 Esbats, or full moons. These are used to understand the God and Goddess through ritual and magical practice; using the power of the moon and its phases to manifest the many faces of the Gods and Goddesses, and understand each one.

The Craft can sometimes be fairly eclectic in its use of magic and ritual. Being pantheists we believe all religions can teach us about god, and all gods teach us about the Divine. Any spiritual exercise may therefore be used, with honour to the religion that supplied it. We are also great pragmatists: if it works, we'll use it! So, in one working you may have Qabalistic visualisations, American indian chants, and Greek dancing; all in celebration of an English fertility God!

(It is worth also saying that such eclecticism is never used to reduce that which we have received from our Traditional teachings: we may add, but we rarely take away. Again, this is in the nature of being Traditional Witches: it is our duty to maintain the knowledge and Wisdom that has been passed on to us, and to pass it on whole in our turn. But the teaching of the Tradition is also that God can be seen in many faces, and the Secret found in many hiding places - the Wisdom is in knowing Like for Like...)

Magic is as much the manipulation of the Self, as the working of spells. In many ways it draws comparisons from the Western tradition of Alchemy, or even psychoanalysis. Internal changes are externalised and manifested using ritual. These processes are linked to the greater cycles of the God and Goddess, and their energies used to power the process of inner understanding and internal transformation. 

A process otherwise known as Enlightenment!

At the same time, magick and spells might also be used as a method for healing a colleague, helping a friend conceive or increasing your chances of getting a job; Karma allowing of course - sometimes getting what you want, rather than what you need may also be interfering with another's path! Remember: "Every man and woman is a star..."

"Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law

Love is the Law

Love under Will

All under Will"

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