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Craft Background: 3rd Degree Alexandrian Witch and High Priest of the Coven of the Sacred Wellhead. Joined the Craft in 1984 and was High Priest to the Coven of the Silver Star (Cheltenham, UK) - tracing lineage to Alex and Maxine through Rob and Jan of the "Silver" line in Dursley (UK). Finally decided to pass on the reigns of leadership in order to pursue solo study and Qabalistic training (attaining the Grade of Aptus Major of the Golden Dawn in 1986).
Moved to Reading in 1988 where he met David. Established the Coven Silver Rose in 1989 - disbanding it in 1995 after the current Initiates had attained sufficient experience to work alone so that David and he could experiment more freely with working a Wiccan/Qabalistic mix.
Re-formed as the Coven of the Sacred Wellhead in 1999, grounding the Coven in both Alexandrian Wicca and the Qabalah ("On twilight paths that no man knows..."!).

Craft and Magickal interests: both High and practical Magicks; combining aspects of the Qabalah with Wicca; Tarot and Divination particularly "throwing the bones": a Zulu tradition picked up whilst growing up in South Africa; Shamanism and Ancestor rituals; Sacred Sites and Woodland Groves; Myth and Mythology. But most of all: enjoying a solid, powerful Ritual with like minded Initiates!

Personal Patron Deities: Persphone, The Dark Goddesses, Isis and Osiris.

Favourite ritual: (can I say "The Bornless ritual"? No? Ok then): The Persephone Ritual.

Favourite Sabbats: (all of them..?) particularly the darker half of the wheel: Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox, Samhain and Yule.

Personal: a December Capricorn, Born in Alexander Bay, South Africa in 1961 of English parents; now retired, and dedicating time to crafting pursuits and witchcraft; vegetarian; Dyslexic; a great lover of body modification and tattoos...


Craft Background: 3rd Degree Alexandrian Witch and Elder/joint High Priest of the Coven of the Sacred Wellhead (Cheltenham, UK). Joined the Craft in 1990 through the Coven Silver Rose (lineaged in the Alexandrian Tradition through the "Silvers" line of Dursley, UK).

Craft interests: Mystery and Priesthood; High Magick and Spellcraft; Scrying; Myths and Storytelling; Symbolism and Dream working/interpretation; Polarity and Energy work, healing and Eastern meditation (studied Tai Chi Ch'uan with Gerda Geddis in London); an avid reader and researcher into the history and background of the Craft. In ritual loves Ritual poetry and rich Symbolism - and attaining ecstatic union with the Gods!.

Personal Patron deities: Shiva, The Green Man & Persephone.

Favourite Sabbats: Beltain and Samhain.

Favourite ritual: The Persephone Ritual ("Sink down, sink down ..." ah!)

Personal: a Piscean, born in Dunstable, UK in 1967 (of Lancashire parents...); Partner to Geoff since 1990; worked as a University Academic Librarian for 30 years (now retired); achieving his M.A. through a Thesis on the use of the 'net by the Pagan community (A summary of the findings of which is available on this Site); Vegetarian, crafter and artist; loves tattoos (is in the process of completing a full-body tattoo with Jo Harrison of Un1ty tattoo, Shrewsbury).

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