The Coven of the Sacred Wellhead

The Coven of the Sacred Wellhead was founded in 1999 by Geoff and David, 3rd Degree Witches in the Alexandrian Wiccan Tradition. We are a small working Coven - although we are open to serious Seekers who are interested in Initiation and training in the Alexandrian Tradition, and whom it is judged will work well with the Coven.

The Sacred Wellhead is an Inclussive, progressive, transformative and diversity-embracing Coven; we work with the oral teachings and Mysteries of the Alexandrian Initiatory Tradition, enriching this with Ceremonial and Qabalistic teaching methods and ritual elements. (Alex himself used "The Key of Solomon", whilst Gardner enriched his own Tradition's teachings with a deep knowledge of Ceremonial magic - so we don't think either of them would disapprove.) 

We work within the definition of Wicca as being:

"A magick using, Initiatory Priesthood, working the Mysteries as expressed within the 1st and 2nd legends of the Goddess and the Charge of the Goddess, and worked through the 3 fold Initiations, Eight Sabbats and 13 Esbats".

As a Coven we provide training in the philosophy, practice, and Religion of the Craft - although we also explore other deities and religious systems within our practice: "All Gods are one God - and all Goddesses one Goddess"

Although the Elders of the Sacred Wellhead are a gay couple and work as Magickal Partners, the Coven is open to all: regardless of sexuality, gender, race or physical ability - all that is required is a dedication to study and learn the ways of the God and Goddess. All Seekers are expected to undergo up to six months of training before Initiation, as outlined in the Coven's statement "On the nature of study". Students are also encouraged to make use of the work of the many excellent authors writing within the Tradition today (for a list of some of these items, see our "Books & Resources" pages elsewhere on this site).

The Elders also maintain contacts with Covens lineaged within many of the Wiccan Traditions and from all over the world; if you wish to study Wicca please feel free to contact The Elders using the 'Contact us' form linked above - even if you do not feel that you would suit the Coven's working methods, or you live too far away to study with them in person: they might still be able to put you in contact with someone in your area or Tradition of choice.

We also suggest you read our essay  Finding a Coven.

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